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The FarmED Mini Literature Festival

FarmED flyer
Chipping Norton, Cotswolds, UK
Event date
Event time
9am-5pm GMT

Organiser's description from FarmED and Chelsea Green Publishing

FarmED Mini Literature Festival is an exciting celebration of words, stories and experiences from the wonderful world of regenerative farming and sustainable food. To mark COP26 the festival will also focus in on climate change and potential solutions, big and small and how these intersect with sustainable food and farming. It will feature a variety of talks, panels and workshops featuring Chelsea Green authors as well as other authors focused on this area. From pesticide-free, organic gardening and the use of woodchip for growers to bug-friendly farming practices and nature writing workshops, this lit fest will have something in it for everyone. Chelsea Green will also be doing a how to get published workshop for anyone interested in submitting a book proposal.

The festival will be taking place at Farm Ed’s property near Chipping Norton, Cotswolds on Saturday 6 November 2021 from 9 am to 5 pm GMT and more details for ticket prices can be found here.