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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates

What is ecomodernism?

Tractor in a field

In a new TABLE explainer - What is ecomodernism? - we explore the philosophy of ecomodernism, which believes that it is both possible and desirable to live in material prosperity while protecting nature at the same time.

Read the explainerListen to the podcast interview with explainer author Helen Breewood. Watch the webinar recording.

Letterbox: Depolarising the future of protein


The future roles of livestock and alternative proteins are heavily contested. The IPES-Food report The Politics of Protein aimed to overcome polarisation by critically assessing the stories told about different proteins and their environmental, nutritional, and social impacts. In this ongoing TABLE Letterbox exchange, Garrett Broad and Phil Howard discuss whether the report instead reinforced existing media narratives about alternative proteins, and debate the extent to which plant-based and cell-cultured foods can help to resolve the challenges facing the global food system. Read Letterbox here.

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  June 24, 2022 - 13:29
  What's your approach to palm oil when grocery shopping?

Really nuanced piece on palm oil by Bee Wilson in the LRB + LRB podcast this week - London Review of Books – 21 Jun 22 Podcast: Bee Wilson and Thomas Jones · Palm Oil…
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  June 20, 2022 - 14:57
  Food System Discussions in the IPCC Climate Change Report 2022

The IPCC report on climate change discusses several ways in which we can make changes to our food system to reduce its climate impacts. Reduce food loss and waste. Around a third of the food…
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  June 16, 2022 - 18:03
  TABLE event: “What is ecomodernism? Perspectives from ecomodernism and degrowth on limits to growth, lifestyles and media narratives”

On Wednesday, June 26, 2022, TABLE hosted a panel discussion on the topics of ecomodernism and degrowth. This discussion accompanied the release of TABLE’s new explainer: “What is Ecomodernism?” and…


12-15 July 2022
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