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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates

Introducing Letterbox: the GMO debate in Ethiopia

We are delighted to introduce Letterbox: a new format for dialogue on the TABLE website. In this Letterbox series, Hiwote Bekele and Tesfaye Shiferaw Sida (PhD) debate the Ethiopian government's approach to regulating the cultivation of genetically modified organisms. Hiwote and Tesfaye will be exchanging further letters on this topic: leave your comments at the bottom of the page to help steer the discussion.

letterbox preview series 1

Event: Power in the food system

At TABLE, we are in the process of developing our new theme: power in the food system - who and what shapes, controls and influences the food system and its future. You are invited to an open-ended, exploratory discussion event on 8 December 2021, featuring panellists Eddy Wax, Wendy Godek, Shefali Sharma and Sahil Shah. Read more and register here.

power event flyer

Interactive graphic: agricultural movements

Visit our new interactive diagram that explores the ebbs and flows of three agricultural movements: Regenerative Agriculture, Organic and AgroecologyJoin the discussion and let us know what you think we got wrong and right!

Ebbs and flows diagram


13:15–14:30 GMT
15:00-16:15 CET / 14:00-15:15 GMT
Online - Zoom webinar
Multi-day event, 5-7 January 2022
Oxford, UK and online